Sutton Hoo is one of the most important Anglo-Saxon burial sites in Britain and pioneering work in experimental archaeology resulted in the reconstruction of dwellings at West Stow Anglo-Saxon village. Dr Robert J. Wallis and Dr Alex Seago led a group of students including those studying Wallis’ class ‘Anglo-Saxon and Viking England’ on a weekend trip to the beautiful county of Suffolk to visit these iconic archaeological sites. Blessed with fine weather, the group were enthralled by reconstructions of the key finds from Mound 1, displayed in ‘The Treasury’ at Sutton Hoo (we’d viewed the originals at the British Museum on an earlier trip), wandered around the mounds of the atmospheric cemetery and took time out to refresh themselves at a country inn.

West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village 2 West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village 3 West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village 4 West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village