Meet the team

Elected by the student body, these Richmond students serve as a valuable resource for getting students’ needs heard on campus:

Gonzalo Diaz-Rio Varez

BA Economics with Accounting & Finance


Kieren Bussey
Executive Vice President

BSc Accounting & Finance with Mathematics

United Kingdom

Benoit Pensaert
Vice President, Kensington

BA in International Business with Finance


Nicholas Ceja
Vice President, Richmond Hill

BA in International Relations

United States of America

Alfons Theininger

BA in International Business with Mathematics


Leah Wood
Events Manager

BA Communications: Marketing & Public Relations

United States of America

Ashleigh King
Events Coordinator, Richmond

BA in American Studies

United Kingdom

Paniz Juwandoon

BA in International Relations with Political Science

United Kingdom

Student Ambassadors

Who we are
Student Ambassadors are a volunteer organization, initiated in 1996. The purpose of the organization is to assist the members of the Admissions staff in their efforts to bring new students to Richmond, making sure they cover all areas of required support, motivate them to take part in activities and societies, and to establish a closer bond between existing and new students. Their day-to-day activities include leading various activities and events, guiding tours of campus, calling and e-mailing prospective students, as well as broader duties working alongside the Admissions Team.

Participating in Student Ambassadors allows students to meet new people while learning about the university, as well as giving them the opportunity to improve their communication, teamwork, and presentation skills.

What We Do
Student Ambassadors are involved in a number of different events and activities, all of which are designed for you to learn more about the University, the students, and life in Richmond and London.

Below is a list of everything we do to make your choice and transition to university life easier. You are encouraged to take advantage of as many as you like:

Campus Tours
Tours are a great way to see the campus, including classrooms, dining facilities, and common areas. You’ll also have the chance to look at a room in the accommodation we provide you with, should you consider opting to live on-campus. Tours are usually given for the Richmond Hill campus, although Kensington tours are also available.
To learn more about Campus Tours and register, please go to the Visit Richmond section of the website.

Share Meals
If you arrive near a meal time, you may wish to dine with one of our Student Ambassadors. Shared meals are a great way for you to learn more about the University from a student’s perspective and get a taste of what Richmond has to offer. It’s also a great way to know the latest news and talk about your interests!

Class Visits
One of Richmond’s greatest assets are the small class sizes, the excellent faculty, and challenging course work. To experience this yourself, you may opt to sit in on a class that interests you and corresponds with your planned major. A Student Ambassador will take you to the class, meet you after, and may even sit in on the class as well. Class visits must be arranged with the Admissions team in advance. Course selected will depend on prospect’s interests, class timings, and faculty’s consent.

Getting in Touch
Starting or transferring to a new University is not always easy. There are many questions and Student Ambassadors are there to give answers about student life and classes at Richmond. They can answer almost anything- from their favourite part of London to what to pack. Student Ambassadors may contact students by email or phone. If you would like to get in touch with a Student Ambassador, please email

Open Days
Open Days are a great opportunity to visit the campus, meet faculty, and talk to current students. You will also get a chance to meet potential classmates and learn more about the University and the surroundings. A typical Open Day schedule will last up to 2hours and include a faculty welcome and presentation, campus tour, student panel, and President’s reception. Open Days are held in each term – Fall, Spring, and Summer and are always available for you to book. You can bring visitors with you.

To learn more about Open Days and register, please go to Register for Open Day section of the website.

How to Join
We are continuously seeking students who are passionate about Richmond and enjoy sharing their Richmond experiences with fellow students. Student Ambassadors must be proactive, take initiative to engage with all students on campus, be approachable and able to dedicate some of their time and enjoy meeting new people. They will be normally approached by first year students for a personalized advice or recommendation on a particular subject, or anyone who wishes to get more actively involved with social life and the activities available on campus.

If you feel you have a strong community spirit and you are keen to work together with Richmond, we would like to hear from you!

Please complete the application form, and email it in to the Admissions Office or send it to the Student Ambassador Coordinator. Upon reviewing your application, we will then want to meet you for an interview.