Richmond Leadership Academy

Personal Development. Community Engagement. Global Outlook. Leadership.

Programming, opportunities and resources available to all students to aid in leadership development and employability. At the core of this vision are two central aims:

– A student body engaged within their campus community, local community and globally

– The development of well-rounded graduates armed with skills and experiences that enhance their competitiveness as they prepare for a global workforce

How can you take part?

Student Leadership & Engagement Opportunities on Campus 

The University provides a number of opportunities for students to be leaders on campus. It also provides the resources and support so students are able to cultivate their own pursuits. Students who take part in these opportunities are considered to be participants of RLA.

Get involved! Student Activities, Student Government, Events 

Workshops, Events and Online Resources

The University offers throughout the year events that are aimed at enhancing student personal skill development and employability. There are also numerous online courses available via the Careers Portal system. Any student is welcome to participate.

Find out more about these workshops and other careers related opportunities.

Richmond Leadership Academy Awards

A scheme to encourage students to develop in 4 core areas – personal skill development, volunteer and work experience, workshop and seminar participation and campus leadership.


  • Record co-curricular engagement to measure both academic and non-academic successes and produce a summary report for potential employers
  • Identify and remedy skill gaps
  • Learn how to present their personal achievements in a professional setting
  • An opportunity for students to become more widely engaged within their campus community, local community and globally
  • Recognition on their CV/Resume and LinkedIn

Awards Programme – More Information COMING SOON!

The Richmond Leadership Academy is a programme coordinated by Student Affairs. Any questions email Jamie Macleod, Associate Dean of Student Leadership