Academic Calendar (Key Dates)

Student Affairs

Providing services that support and encourage
student welfare, safety and development.


Two campuses, Richmond & Kensington
Off-campus housing options

Academic Calendar (Key Dates)

Spring 2017 Semester
9th January 2017 Move in date for accommodation
9th January – 13th January 2017 Undergraduate orientation and registration
16th January 2017 First day of classes
20th-24th February 2017 Priority Registration for Fall 2017
27th February – 3rd March 2017 Mid-term assessments
6th March – 10th March 2017 Tutorial Week/Spring Break
26th April – 3rd May 2017 Final Exams
4th May 2017 Move out date
Summer 2017 Semester
22nd May 2017 Move in date for accommodation
22nd May – 23rd May 2017 Undergraduate orientation and registration
24th May 2017 First day of classes
5th June – 9th June 2017 Mid-term assessments
30th June 2017 Final Exams
2nd July 2017 Move out date
Fall  2017 Semester
29th August 2017 Tuesday, move in Richmond
30th August 2017 Wednesday, move in Kensington
29th August – 1st September 2017 Undergraduate orientation and registration
1st September 2017 Postgraduate orientation and registration
4th September 2017 First day of classes
9th October – 13th October 2017 Priority Registration for Spring and Summer 2018
16th October – 20th October 2017 Mid-term assessment
23rd October – 27th October 2017 Tutorial Week/Fall Break
11th December – 15th December 2017 Final exams
15th December 2017 Move out date