Student Ambassadors for Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions team

Student Ambassadors work as part of a highly professional Marketing and Admissions team to attract new students to Richmond, establish a closer bond between existing and new students and promote the University to a wider audience.

The programme of activities for Student Ambassadors includes Open Days and Applicant Days which are planned in advance for the year. There are also opportunities to help with the marketing campaign for Richmond, through both social media and PR as well as administrative work for the Marketing and Admissions team.

The Student Ambassador role is an excellent opportunity to gain some valuable work experience and develop your personal and professional skills, such as communication and teamwork, providing increased employability. It is a paid role, at £7.38 an hour, plus gift vouchers may be given when a high number of hours are undertaken.

Student Ambassadors are often the first people that visitors to the University will meet and are therefore responsible for the excellent first impression visitors will receive of the University. It’s vital that when attending any Richmond event, Student Ambassadors provide excellent customer service and accurate information about the University, giving them relevant knowledge of Richmond and its facilities.

As well as representing the University at recruitment events, there are a number of marketing activities which are offered through the Student Ambassador scheme that you can be involved with.

Below is a description of each of the activities available to Student Ambassadors; as a minimum we would ask you to help with our Open Day and Applicant Day events. Beyond those, the marketing activities are up to you, let us know if any particularly appeal to you.

  • Participate in presentations at Open Days and Applicant Days, talk about your experience of Richmond
  • Open Day and Applicant Day Set up and Clean up
  • Take part in a Q&A session with guests attending Open Days and Applicant Days, answering questions on life as a student at Richmond, trouble-shooting enquiries effectively from the general public
  • A typical Open Day and Applicant Day will last up to three hours and include a faculty welcome and presentation, campus tour, student panel and President’s reception
  • On an ad hoc basis, conduct scripted campus tours of Richmond (typically fortnightly) to showcase the University and its facilities to potential students and guests
  • Help promote Richmond through social media by reposting content and sharing content, Instagram takeovers, Instagram stories takeover
  • Share your Richmond experience (of classes, life around the campus) through short films and/or photography which can be featured and shared further on the website and on social media
  • Interested in your experience of Richmond being featured in the media? Work with our PR team to target media, offering an interview with you about life at Richmond
  • Occasional office work (packing, calling campaigns to students around the world)
  • Informing students about the student experience

Commitment required
The post is completely flexible around your studies as academic commitments should come first. Student Ambassadors will be informed of events such as Open Days and Applicant Days taking place each semester and can sign up to work as desired. International students should ensure that they are not working more than the maximum number of hours as detailed on their visa during term-time.

Next steps
If you feel you have a strong community spirit and you are keen to work together with Richmond as a Student Ambassador, we would like to hear from you!

Please email Victoria in the Marketing, Recruitment and Admissions team with a short bio explaining where you are from, what you are studying and what are your hobbies and interests.

Upon reviewing your application, we will then want to meet you for an interview.