Our Mission:

The purpose of the International Affairs Society is to provide a platform for students to discuss current affairs while making connections to their respective majors. The society will provide events and gatherings in an effort to provide this platform.

What we do:

We believe that students are strong and powerful force that can influence political and international processes within any public domain, by acknowledging variety of international understanding amongst the student body, International affairs society aspires to educate and remind every member that International politics impacts nearly every aspect of your lives .

Events and activities:

  • Organise events that will give the members the opportunity to participate in discussion and debates of these issues
  • Organise regular academic talks to the members about current international issues
  • Provide a monthly online journal similar to that produced by research institutes to members about current international affairs
  • Get people interested in international political and economic issues
  • Promote activities like voluntarism in different aspects due to the society can develop their skills in realize the situation of our actual society

Name of Club: International Affairs Society Richmond

For Chair information, contact Student Affairs