Child Protection Policy – Richmond University

Child Protection Policy

Child Protection Policy

Richmond’s Child Protection Policy for Admitted Students Under the Age of 18

2420The University has existing stringent policies and procedures in place designed to safeguard the welfare of all of its students. Ensuring a safe environment for students is a responsibility that is essential to the educational mission of the University. Current safeguarding measures include: 24-hour security staffing; a professional Student Affairs staff “on call” for emergencies; a system of residential directors and residential advisors, students who are hired and trained to act in a pastoral and disciplinary capacity on campus; a counselor who is available 365 days of the year; a “silent witness” system of anonymously reporting any incidents or concerns; and a President whose residence is on the Richmond campus.

Under UK law, however, the Child Protection Act (1998) requires specific additional protection for any “individual under 18 years” which the Act defines as a child. Additional protection is also required for those defined as “vulnerable adults”.

Although the University admits relatively few students under the age of 18, it has a particular legal and moral responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of any such students. It therefore is committed to compliance with the CPA (1998) in specific attention to the safety and welfare of those students in its care under the age of 18.

Richmond University Child Protection Policy

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