Longley House – Richmond University

Longley House

Longley House

Nestled just on the other side of the Richmond campus grounds, Longley House is just a minute’s walk from the main building. While this is one of our smallest satellite buildings it shares its space with an art studio; this is quite the creative building, with quiet, artistic contemplation always going on, making it a great place for reflective study.

Longley House accommodates just five students at any one time, and is usually offered to males only.

Like all of our residences, Longley House benefits from security patrols and CCTV, ensuring it’s secured safely. Toilets and showers are shared. As part of your accommodation you will have catering, which includes meal plans, and being so close to the main building, all of the facilities being offered there also.

Other accommodation in Richmond:


Montford House

Montford House is just a three minute walk from the main building and next door to Parkview House.


Originally a large house, Parkview is Richmond University’s newest student housing and is just a two minute walk from the main building.

Red House

Located on the grounds of the main campus at Richmond Hill, a stone’s throw away from the main building, this three-storey house comes with ‘dabs of character’. Ideal if you prefer not to live in the main building but would like the convenience of being very close to the lecture theatres and everything else the campus offers.

Main building

Situated in a quiet residential area, and never more than 50 paces from a lecture theatre, the main building is the oldest on the Richmond campus. It’s a real hub of activity for the university, offering a lot of convenience.

Lower Cottage

Sitting snugly to the left as you come in the main entrance to the campus, Lower Cottage is a mere 1 minute walk from the main building.