Hello again! It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog – and that’s because I’ve been busy balancing job applications and university work. It’s tough trying to juggle several objectives at the same time but the outcome could be fruitful! It’s no surprise that the job market has been tough the past year. Ever […]

Hi everyone, Everything has gotten much busier now that the second half of term has started. Last week I presented to my Human Resource Management class and now I’m working on a presentation for Consumer Behaviour. My group and I are persuading young adults against fast-food companies that use single-use plastic. I was really happy […]

Hello fellow students, In my last post, I told you that I came back in London to take care of some business and spend some time there. Even though now I am back to Greece, I still remember all the nice memories I created, despite it being during lockdown. A few days before my departure, […]

Hello As you might know, I came back a couple of weeks ago to London, in order to stay for a little while and send most of my things back home, so I can move out. All courses are going to be online for this semester, so there is no need to be here alone. […]