Our Mission:

The Women in Leadership society seeks to create a community where ideas and skills are exchanged in order to empower women and encourage female leadership. The society aims to equip high-potential women with skills and confidence to be able to succeed in the working environment and make a positive impact on their personal and professional communities.

What we do:

The Women in Leadership society is open to all Richmond students who seek to encourage women in positions of power and advance the broader goal of placing more women in leading roles.

Members of Women in Leadership will be able to connect with like-minded students who understand and value the importance of leadership. In addition, members of the society will empower women and encourage female leadership, raise awareness and discuss current issues regarding women in the workplace and get inspiration and guidance from current female leaders.

The WIL Society hosts events which give members the opportunity to listen, learn, and network with peers and role models. In addition to WIL events, the society seeks to engage and work alongside other Richmond University clubs and societies. These societies reflect the interests of WIL like equality and empowerment which allow us to come together to create a marketplace of ideas for young adults.

Name of Club: Women in Leadership

Club Chair: Mary Sullivan

Vice President: Maria Kassabian

Assistant Events Coordinator: Allison Lynott

Club Ambassador and Social Media Coordinator: Elizabeth Norton

Events Coordinator: Madison Starks

Treasurer Teyah Payne

Secretary Alexa Chanliau

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