Stephen Basdeo to give talk on Robin Hood at the Royal Armouries

Stephen Basdeo is scheduled to give a talk at the Royal Armouries, Leeds, on ‘The Legend of Robin Hood’, as part of the Armouries’ Legends: Robin Hood themed weekend on 5 May 2018. The talk will guide members of the general public through c. 800 years of British social and cultural history by discussing who the real Robin Hood was, and why stories about an obscure criminal have remained popular with artists, novelists, poets, playwrights, and filmmakers from the medieval period to the 21st century.

Stephen Basdeo is an instructor at Leeds RIASA. He is the author of several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters which explore the history of various famous figures from the Middle Ages, including Wat Tyler, Jack Straw, Robin Hood, and the Viking, Ragnar Lodbrok. He is currently drafting an article on the first Robin Hood novel, which is an unpublished manuscript by Poet Laureate, Robert Southey, entitled Harold; or, The Castle of Morford (1794).