Standing room only for Gaia Trussardi lecture


The lecture theatre in Young Street at our Kensington campus was packed out recently with an Alumni Guest Lecture given by Gaia Trussardi, former Creative Director of Trussardi S.p.A , and Richmond Hon. Professor and Alumna.

The fascinating lecture given by Gaia was entitled ‘Trussardi: A Case Study in the Historical Evolution of Brands’.

Gaia Trussardi is a freelance creative entrepreneur who, until earlier this year, was the Creative Director of the Milan-based Trussardi Group for which she supervised all creative aspects of the brand from the conception and development of the collections to styling and advertising campaigns.

Gaia joined her parents in the family business at a very young age. Over the years, she has worked in all areas of the company’s creative and production process – from materials selection to stylistic decisions – gaining great entrepreneurial expertise and perfecting her trend-setting approach.

Gaia earned her degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Richmond The American University in London and was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Richmond in 2017. She is a keen observer of lifestyles and trends in various cultural areas such as fashion, society, communications, and music.