Special Travel Programmes (TP)

Each class runs for 3 or 4 weeks and is worth 3 US CREDITS/12 UK CATS/6 ECTS.

A maximum of ONE class can be taken during this period.

If you can’t decide on one location to study in this summer, maybe you’d like to go to six or seven? Richmond, in collaboration with its partner AIFS, offers four exciting travelling programs that visit a series of European cities while focusing on one course theme throughout the trip. Choose Business and Politics in the European Union and you’ll study in London, Paris, Brussels, Strasbourg, Frankfurt, Prague and Berlin. European Art and Architecture examines the artistic treasures of London, Amsterdam, Paris, Lucerne, Venice, Florence and Rome. Fashion Marketing and Merchandising explores the fashion business in London, Paris, Milan, and Florence. And British Fantasy Fiction gives you an introduction to major works in British literature whilst travelling throughout England and Wales and visiting a range of sites associated with the likes of King Arthur or Harry Potter, amongst others.

INB 5700 The European Union: Business and Politics – 4 weeks (June 20-July 13)

AVC 4400 European Art & Architecture -– 4 weeks (session 1: May 18-June 11; session 2: June 22- July 16)

MKT 5700 Fashion Marketing and Merchandising – 4 weeks (June 22-July 13)

LIT 5700 British Fantasy Travel: Magic and Memory – 3 weeks (July 4-July 23)

For full particulars of the travel programmes please visit the AIFS website.

Please note that due to UK visa regulations these travel classes are only available to US students going through AIFS, existing Richmond degree students (subject to OU approval), or new UK and European Union students.