6 Week Classes

Each class runs for 90 minutes, five days/week and is worth 3 US CREDITS/12 UK CATS/6 ECTS.

A maximum of TWO classes can be taken concurrently during this period.

ACC 4200 Financial Accounting

ACC 4205 Managerial Accounting

COM 4100 Intro to Intercultural Communications

Reflecting strongly the mission of the University, this course provides a theoretical and practical foundation for the degree in Communications. It provides students with a strong sense of their own complex cultural identities before moving on to teach them the theories underlying the study of International Communication. There will be opportunities for practical applications of these theories in case studies, simulations, and project work.

ENT 4200 Introduction to Entreprenuership

ENV 3135 Endangered Species

GEP 4180 Research and Writing

FLM 5410 Gender in Film

INR 5100 Critical Globalisation Studies

MGT 4205 Computer Applications in Management

MTH 4110 Calculus with Applications

MTH 4120 Probability and Statistics

PLT 5415 Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa

PHL 4100 Introduction to Philosophy

SCL 5450 Contemporary British Culture

Aimed primarily at students participating in the International Internship Programme, this course provides students with a comprehensive and detailed overview of contemporary British culture. The course provides students with a comprehensive overview of contemporary British culture; an overview that engages with many aspects of current debate regarding national and cultural identity and questions how citizens interact with the modern state. The course will cover the historical processes that have helped shape UK society and now govern the social attitude and outlook of modern Britons. The course will also address issues that have become central to political and cultural reporting by the media. These will include differences between English, Scottish and Welsh identities; the role of Monarchy; UK Parliamentary Democracy; multiculturalism and religious faith in Britain. In the context of British culture, the course will also focus on practical assistance to International Internship Programme students, to help them adapt to the context of “working-life”. Students will be introduced to the social issues that are likely to influence the behaviour of their workplace colleagues.