Sir David Attenborough shares love of Richmond Park

The world-renowned environmentalist and local resident, Sir David Attenborough, is encouraging people in a new video to enjoy his local patch of wilderness – Richmond Park, on the doorstep of the University.

Made in the run-up to new Netflix documentary, “David Attenborough: A Life On Our Planet”, the short video sees the environmental legend quizzed by famous fans.

He then goes on to describe his favourite tree.

I’m very lucky, I live in West London quite close to a wonderful park – Richmond Park – which is many centuries old. It was Henry VIII’s hunting park and there are still deer there and a lot of ancient trees.

And when they get old, they get hollow and they become home to stag beetles which fly into my garden.

But this particular tree is 700-800 years old, maybe a thousand. So, it’s a marvellous tree, I look it at every morning. It’s a great character, that tree.”

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