If you are coming to see us, looking for a place for friends and family to stay, in between housing arrangements, or would just like to explore staying somewhere during the semester or break, you might consider the following short stay options.


There are plenty of quality hotels in the Richmond and Kensington area, a good place to start is the Visit Richmond website, where you can filter your search with your preferences, location and budget.


Hostels can be trendy and socially alternative places to stay, often regarded as the cheaper alternative to a hotel because they usually offer the basics only. Registering with the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) may be a suitable option if you don’t want to stay in a hotel, or, if you’d like to stay close to other people enjoying Richmond. Local YHA hostels include:

If you register, you’ll receive great rates, not only in London but all over England and Wales. So whether you’d like to take a city break to historical York, go trekking in Wales, or catch a wave in Cornwall, your membership travels with you! Visit the YHA website to discover all their hostel locations, special offers and information on membership.

Area hostels

We’ve made a list of independent, non-YHA hostels in West and Central London (PDF download), including their contact information. Please note, these hostels are listed for your convenience as a resource for booking and have not been assessed or formally endorsed by Richmond University.