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Share your Covid reflections with a blog


It is now over a year into the progression of the global pandemic, and the lives of individuals across the globe have changed in entirely unprecedented ways. Without a doubt, it’s been one of the most challenging—and frankly strange—time in our lives. The huge impact on our mental health and psychological wellbeing is undeniable. For students it’s been particularly challenging.

We know that:

  • Young adults aged 18-24 years old and full-time students continue to be significantly more likely to be feeling distressed in the pandemic and lockdown compared to UK adults
  • People aged 18-24 reported worse mental health and wellbeing during the 2020 lockdown
  • Nearly three-quarters (73%) of students said their mental health declined during the lockdown

Whether you are an undergraduate or postgraduate, we would love to share your stories about the impact that Covid has had on you, more than one year on from lockdown.

Has your mental health been affected by Covid, have you struggled with feeling isolated? How have you found working from home, if that’s what you’ve been doing for the last few months? Have you got tips and advice for other students? What coping strategies worked best for you?

If you’re interested in raising awareness of the impact caused by the Covid pandemic, please share your experience by writing a blog for us to share on the Richmond website and our social media channels. It doesn’t need to be long, we’d suggest anywhere between 400-800 words. Interested? Get in touch with Belinda Bains, Student Health & Wellness Coordinator,