A highly successful event took place recently when a number of Richmond Business School students took the opportunity to showcase their senior projects at a poster exhibition held at the Chiswick Park campus.

The event encompassed a wide range of topics, including the following examples:

  • Amal Hamdini – the perceived influence of cross-national (from Morocco to the UK) entrepreneurship on the UK’s culture
  • Kieran Hardie – the socioeconomic effects of governmental barriers on South-East Asian food vendors
  • Madeleine Keaveney – the extent to which investor behaviour is influenced by changes in dividend pay-outs in times of unforeseen distress
  • Yara Saeed – how sustainable tourism can impact socioeconomic development in Southern and East Africa

A panel of judges representing the University community assessed the students’ projects based on four criteria: insightfulness, clarity, usefulness (to businesses and society) and student engagement, with prizes being given to several students.

  • The Richmond Business School award for Best Participation was given to Virginia Rainero for her project on social media influencers and overconsumption.
  • The Richmond Business School Student Engagement prize went to Hamzah Aldimi for his project on democratic work structures
  • The Richmond Business School Project Insightfulness prize was given to Madeleine Lowther for her project on the circular fashion economy

Finally, the Wellbeing Research Centre award was given to Stefani Trimcheska for her project on the effects of money laundering on macroeconomic performance.

Dr Theano Lianidou, Associate Professor, Management at Richmond Business School, who organised the event, said, “We were delighted with the number of students who took part in the Senior Project Exhibition and would like to congratulate all of them on their outstanding work across a broad spectrum of topics.  Many of those who visited the Exhibition mentioned how impressed they were by the enthusiasm and dedication of our students in presenting their projects and we would like to thank everyone who took part in this event.