Richmond Shield

Round-table discussion on the general theme of migration

As part of the activities of the School of Business & Economics’ Wellbeing Research Cluster a round-table discussion on the general theme of migration has been arranged for Friday June 5th on the University’s Richmond campus (Lycett Room). The session will aim to address (through discussion rather than individual presentation of papers) a number of themes of wider interest, some of which have made headline news both nationally and internationally in recent weeks.

Program starts at 1000 and expected to end by around 1230.

The following non-exhaustive list of topics will feature:

1.       Migration (political and neoclassical motivations)

2.       Variations in migration patterns and links to climate change.

3.       The political and economic need for measuring migration flows, and

4.       Issues of data accuracy.

If you wish to attend please let Jacqui Ryan know (