Richmond’s Sixth Annual Fantasy Symposium

On 2 December 2016, The University of Northampton Avenue Campus will be hosting the sixth Annual Fantasy Symposium, which is co-organised annually with Richmond University, the American International University in London. This year’s theme is The Dark Fantastic, and it is an opportunity to hear some of the latest research on a variety of literary genres including, gothic, science fiction and fantasy literature; it is also an opportunity for students to present academic papers to their peers. Dr Jon Mackley said “This is a great opportunity for students to get experience of presenting their work in a friendly environment. As well as professionals, the symposium welcomes papers from postgraduates and undergraduates. Some student speakers have found that the experience convinces them of the career path they want to follow, and it is good experience for postgraduates as well.” Professor Dom Alessio from Richmond added: “The Fantasy Symposium is a chance for students to see the research that goes on in the genres beyond the syllabus and to get a chance to speak to a wider public audience. It’s also great getting US and UK students to meet. This year we are very excited to welcome Dr Philippa Semper from the University of Birmingham as our keynote speaker who will be discussing Neil Gaiman’s Gothic.”

The Symposium will be in MB8 in the University of Northampton Avenue Campus from 10-4pm. For details, please contact