Dr Nicola Mann

Richmond’s Dr. Nicola Mann Convenes Session at College Arts Association Conference in Washington DC

Along with Central Saint Martin’s Faculty member, Charlotte Bonham-Carter, Richmond’s Dr. Nicola Mann convened a session at the 2016 College Arts Association conference in Washington DC on Wednesday 3 February. The session, titled, “The Institutionalization of Social Art Practice,” considered the practical implications of man- aging and curating “socially valuable” art in galleries and museums as well as reflecting on the critical issue of competitive arts funding and the increasing market pressures on today’s artists to embrace social value. Lastly, the session interrogated the potential theoretical and ethical dilemmas and contradictions attached to the institutionalization of social art practice, for both the artist and the organization.

Richmond’s Dr. Robert Wallis presented a paper as part of the panel on the topic of, “Contemporary Art, Social Engagement and Prehistoric Britain: Anish Kapoor at the Rollright Stones and ‘Sacrilege’ by Jeremy Deller.”

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