Born in South Africa, Professor Glasser first studied Economics before journeying to England to study music with composers Frankel and Seiber. Proving to be very accomplished in the field, Professor Glasser won a Royal Philharmonic Society Prize in 1952 and in 1969 became head of music at Goldsmith’s College, University of London. While there, he developed one of the largest university music departments in the UK.
Professor Glasser served on many councils, boards and committees, including being the Chairman of the Composers’ Guild of Great Britain, a member of International Society for Contemporary Music, Trustee of the Rand Education Fund, an adviser to the Higher Education Funding Council of England, as well as an adviser to the Kuwait National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. 
Professor Glasser was one of Richmond’s longest serving Academic Governors and his abiding interest and wise counsel aided immeasurably to the progress of the University. For this in particular, Professor Glasser received an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Richmond in 1997.