The Music Program

For music majors who do not want to fall behind during a semester abroad, or for those with an interest in music, an exciting Music Program is available, taught in a multicultural environment in conjunction with Saint Louis College of Music, founded in 1976 and authorized to issue Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees by the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research. Students take up to 15 Richmond credits and may then take an additional music course.

As this program is taught by the Saint Louis College of Music, Richmond does not award the academic credit. Students receive a Saint Louis College of Music certificate authenticating work completed and should confirm the status of credit transfer for courses taken at Saint Louis with their home institution.

Music classes are taught in the evenings and do not conflict with the majority of the Richmond courses. Richmond students take their music classes in a truly international context, with Italian and other international students at Saint Louis College of Music, conveniently located in Monti neighborhood, just a short distance from the Richmond Center.

Instruction is in Italian, but all music instructors speak and understand the English language.

The Music Program at a Glance (up to 18 credits)

  • Intensive language classes during the first month (2 credits)
  • Language classes for the continuation of the semester (1 or 4 credits)
  • Two to four other classes of your choice among the academic offer (6 to 12 credits)
  • One or two music classes with other international students (for possibly extra transferable credits) in the following:
    • Bass
    • Drums
    • Guitar
    • Percussion
    • Saxophone, Trumpet, Trombone
    • Vocals

The study of each instrument will focus on thematic developments and applications, combos for group practicing, history of jazz or rock, improvisation sessions.


bass photo 1

Bass Lab, 12 hrs
Rhythm Session, 9 hrs
Ensemble, 14 hrs
Jazz /Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

bass photo 2


drums 2Drums Lab, 12 hrs
Rhythmic Session, 9 hrs
Ensemble, 14 hrs
Jazz /Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

drums 1


guitar 2Reading/Harmony, 12 hrs lab
Rhythm Session, 9 hrs lab
Ensemble, 14 hrs
Jazz /Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

guitar 1


percussion 1Percussions Lab, 15 hrs
Cuban Santeria, 14 hrs
2nd Ensemble, 14 hrs
Jazz /Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

percussion 2


sax trumpet 1Brass Section, 15 hrs
Combo, 12 hrs
Ensemble, 14 hrs
Jazz/Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

sax trumpet 2


vocals 1Vocal Lab, 10/12 hrs
Choir, 20/24 hrs
Ensemble, 12/16 hrs
Jazz /Rock History, 10 hrs (optional)
Improvisation, 7/8 hrs (subject to audition)

vocals 2

For more information on Saint Louis College of Music visit

1-Week Orientation

Richmond staff supervise the orientation and organizes a wide variety of cultural and social activities including ice-breakers, lectures on health and safety issues, Italian culture and visits to some of the most famous museums, churches and palaces in and around Rome. Highlights are trips to Viterbo and the Hot Baths, Ostia Antica, Sperlonga, and to Assisi and Trevi to enjoy its medieval atmosphere and to experience wine tasting.

Volunteering Program

This program enables students to get to know many aspects of the society and community they are living in and to receive practical, hands-on training and work experience in one of a range of volunteer work associations. Whether students help to teach English in a local school or mail flyers for a local association, they will experience the real world through hands-on work and use this experience to explore major or career interests. Volunteering in Rome offers a unique opportunity to meet and communicate with Italians, to practice the language and to see another side of local culture.

Service Learning and Active Citizenship

Students wishing to earn academic credit for their volunteer work can take the Service Learning and Active Citizenship course, a 3-credit course combining a community placement with written work, designed to provide students of all majors with the intellectual, professional and personal skills that will enable them to function well in the community and gain valuable life experience. The Service Learning course is based on the principles of civic engagement, ethical social responsibility and social justice. The assessment is based on reflective learning, social analysis and public problem solving. See page 309 for a full course description.

Dean of the Rome Centre, Academic Year and Semester Programs


Rosana Graziani

Ciao! I have been with Richmond since 1995; first in Florence, and then in Rome. I received my Laurea (MA) with honors from the University of Florence in English language and literature and a post degree specialization in museum studies from the University of Perugia. I practise yoga, enjoy travelling and I studied abroad as a student, spending time in France, Spain and the U.K.

My favourite aspect of being the Dean at the Rome Center is to see Italy through your eyes and to hear from you about this beautiful city. You will be able to share your new experience with me and my team as we are always on hand to talk about everything from Italian architecture to the rhythm of life, and to answer any questions you may have.

I hope to guide and support you as you leave your home country and immerse yourself into a new and wonderful experience.

The Rome Dean provides academic advice, introduces you to the community and handles communication with the University.

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