Richmond Psychology students conduct Culture of Wellbeing project for the University

A student-led, university-wide Culture of Wellbeing project is being conducted currently at Richmond by students on our BA Psychology programme, under the leadership of Fadila Farag and Christian Schumacher and the supervision of Dr Ira Konstantinou, Head of the Psychology Department.

This initiative, which is being managed by the Psi Chi chapter at Richmond is monitoring student and staff wellbeing through both quantitative and qualitative research methods and is now set to propose and implement interventions benefiting all members of the Richmond community.  The Culture of Wellbeing project has been selected as a recipient of a 2020-21 Chapter Activity Grant by the Psi Chi Grants Committee and Board of Directors, which recognises the research efforts of the students and ensures that student and staff wellbeing needs will be at the top of the agenda for this academic year and beyond.

In addition to this initiative, BA Psychology students have also collected data on a resilience project in collaboration with the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale through our Psi Chi chartership. The Psi Chi Network for International Collaborative Exchange (NICE) offered this opportunity to the Psychology Department at Richmond and gave our students the opportunity to collect data, gain excellent experience and skills through this project.