Richmond Professor puts the spotlight on digital culture in Poland

An expert in the global politics of digital culture, Dr Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of International Politics at Richmond, has undertaken some research-related initiatives recently, including two events in Poland.

The first of these was a lecture performance at Unsound Festival, an annual music festival that takes place in Krakow, and focuses on evolving forms of music, as well as related visual arts.  Dr Rekret took centre stage with Rory Gibb and Anja Kanngieser to examine how sound works to confront environmental change.

Dr Rekret also did A presentation to Jagellonian University in Krakow, examining the widespread view of the current era as a ‘posthuman’ age.

In addition, a recent issue of SPEX, a German rock and pop culture magazine, published a review essay on Dr Rekret’s book, Down With Childhood: Pop Music and the Crisis of Innocence.

There has also been an article written by Dr Rekret in Research in Education, asking why the post-humanist image of the researcher has proven attractive to humanities and social sciences scholarship in recent years.