Richmond Professor looks one year ahead to a world post-Covid-19

A year ago, newspaper front pages were covering the first known death in the UK from Covid-19.  One year later, Dr Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of Politics at Richmond, has been interviewed for an article by news website South West Londoner which examines how the world might look in another year.

In the article, Dr Rekret joins other voices across south west London including Munira Wilson MP as they discuss the impact of Covid-19 on racial inequality, business and the arts.

Dr Rekret says, “How the world will be different will depend upon a variety of factors, including the ability of Covid-19 to mutate in ways that make it resistant to vaccines. Regardless of the success of vaccination, all signs point to a growing economic crisis and increasing economic inequality and a concentration of wealth.

“These patterns of inequality are likely to be exacerbated over the next year as the global economy continues to function at very low rates of growth and in Britain in particular, where the economy also suffers the consequences of Brexit and unemployment numbers begin to explode with the winding down of furlough schemes.”

Dr Rekret teaches on BA Political Science and BA International Relations at Richmond and is the programme leader for MA International Relations.  His work in political and cultural theory has been published widely, including the journals Theory, Culture & SocietyConstellations, and Journal of Popular Music Studies. He is the author of two books, Down With Childhood: Popular Music and the Crisis of Innocence and Derrida and Foucault: Philosophy, Politics, Polemics.