Carola Hieker - Associate Prof of Business Management

Richmond Professor helps social enterprise go virtual

Dr Carola Hieker, Associate Professor at Richmond, recently gave a lecture in ‘Leadership and Teams’ for the social enterprise Professors Without Borders which is supported by the University.  Dr Hieker is an Advisory Board member for Professors Without Borders.

The lecture was facilitated by the launch of a new platform enabling guest lectures online.  More virtual activity from Professors Without Borders has this year included a conference hosted by the social enterprise team on ‘Teaching in the Time of Covid’, where professors were united on the positive impact of guest lecturers during the pandemic.

By providing university lecturers, Professors Without Borders aims to make first class education available for students in developing countries without the need to go abroad.   The move online will see professors volunteering their expertise in virtual classrooms in India, Nigeria or Colombia, among others.  Schools will be able to choose the topic and Professors Without Borders will deliver the teaching expertise online.

The platform link can be found here: and the conference report and videos available on the links shown.

Richmond student, Michelle Hellman, currently pursuing a Communications degree at the University, has also recently taken up an internship with the organisation. She has a passion for volunteering and has experienced working with young children and as a teacher in elementary school in Tanzania.

Professors Without Borders was created by a small team, including an alumni of Richmond, Tessy de Nassau, as well as a former Richmond professor, Caroline Varin.

The University is supporting the work of the social enterprise through different initiatives including student internships and co-operation on research projects, as well as providing professors in various locations around the world.