Richmond Professor has articles published in influential media

Dr Paul Rekret, Associate Professor of Politics at Richmond, has had two articles published recently in influential media – Frieze, a leading magazine on contemporary art and culture and Theory, Culture, & Society, one of the world’s top ranked journals in cultural theory.

In Frieze, Dr Rekret has had published a review of K-Punk, the influential culture critic Mark Fisher’s collected writings:

Theory, Culture & Society has featured a journal article by Dr Rekret on ‘New Materialism and the Politics of Knowledge’:

This article examines the prevalence of theories of ‘new materialism’ in the humanities and social sciences.

It argues that new materialist theory not only falls short of its own materialist pretensions in so far as it does not interrogate the material conditions of the separation of the mental and material, but that the failure to do so has profound repercussions for the success of its account of political agency.

Dr Rekret’s article seeks to offer a counter-narrative to new materialist theories by situating the hierarchy between thought and world as a structural feature of capitalist social relations.

His latest book, Down with Childhood: Pop Music and the Crisis of Innocence was published by Repeater in 2017.