Richmond Professor Dominic Alessio has article published in CARR blog

Professor Dominic Alessio, Professor of History and Vice President of International Programmes at Richmond, has had a blog published by the Centre for the Analysis of the Radical Right (CARR), an organisation which defines its role as, ‘a leading information aggregator and knowledge repository on the radical right, past and present’.

Entitled, ‘Connecting Trump in Greenland with Germany’s Second and Third Reich’, Professor Alessio’s blog  seeks to put a historical perspective on the announcement about purchasing Greenland from Denmark by US President Donald Trump.

As Professor Alessio outlines, ‘Although at first the statement was ridiculed and treated with amazement, it was soon pointed out that the United States had historically expanded much of its land area by way of purchase… So Trump’s attempted purchase of Greenland for strategic reasons made perfect sense from a historical perspective.’

Follow this link to read more of Professor Alessio’s blog.

Far right radicalism is studied at Richmond as part of several academic programmes, including BA International History, BA Political Science and BA International Relations.