‘Policing the Arab Carceral City’ research presentation. Wednesday 23 January, 6pm, Kensington campus


Richmond Professor and student to present joint research initiative, ‘Policing the Arab Carceral City’, Wednesday 23 January, 6pm, Kensington campus

The results of an innovative research collaboration by Richmond Professor Bruce Stanley and MA International Relations student, Hattie Field, are being presented at the Kensington campus, in Asa Briggs 216 on Wednesday 23 January, at 6pm. Everyone who is interested is welcome to attend.

This seminar is the first to be held this semester by Richmond’s Research Centre for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation. Intriguingly entitled, ‘Policing the Arab Carceral City’, the theme of the seminar is borrowed from the concept of a ‘carceral city’ from Michel Foucault, the word ‘carceral’ referring to anything concerning prisons.

Taking Foucault’s argument that sites, technologies of power, socio-political imaginaries, and bodies are interwoven to either discipline or police society, Professor Stanley and Hattie Field will explain how they’ve used this concept to investigate contemporary politics in the Arab world.

Richmond’s flourishing Research Centre for the Study of the State, Power and Globalisation seeks to promote the study of the most predominant political questions of our time. The aim of the Centre is to form links between researchers across the University focusing on political agents and structures at a local and international level and seeks to understand the complex interplay between local and state power and the forces of globalisation.

Do please join them if you can.