Richmond on Globe Stage

Richmond students recently presented scenes from All’s Well That Ends Well on the Globe Stage.

The evening’s presentation was the culmination of the semester’s work produced in conjunction with Globe Education and included classes in Text, Voice, Movement, and Western European Historical Dance. The Globe course was taken as part of Richmond’s Classical Acting course taught by Helen Strange in which students explored the work of Shakespeare and other major dramatists.

Below are some of the comments from Theatre students Temi Banjo, Sage Barrier, James Carola, Sarah Elliott, Simon Forrester, Andre Larnyoh, Beth Lewis, Page Prior, Brandi Reed, Camille Schroeder, and Sarah Stanfill

“The Globe stage is of the most unique in the world. It’s such an interesting dynamic for an actor to navigate.”

“Having teachers who have performed on that stage was a fantastic resource in helping me discover how to do my own performance on the stage.”

“Ultimately I was thrilled with the company’s performance. Everyone put in the work they needed to give a quality performance.”

“Having classes at Shakespeare’s Globe really made my semester ….. it is one of the experiences that has changed my life while being abroad.”

“Being able to perform on such a legendary stage has been a huge accomplishment to my just beginning career as an actor. It has not only brought me closer to the company members I shared the stage with, but also with my friends and family who are not part of the theatrical community.”