Richmond MBA Director moderating at Professors Without Borders conference

Dr Carola Hieker, MBA Director at Richmond, will be one of the moderators at a conference on higher education being organised by social enterprise Professors Without Borders.

The conference, entitled Higher Education for the Age of Transformation, is being held at the London School of Economics on 15 and 16 September.  The topics to be discussed at the conference will include skills for the 21st century job market and higher education and entrepreneurship.

Professors Without Borders is an organisation which, by providing university lecturers and professors, aims to make first class education available for students in developing countries without the need to go abroad.   The social enterprise was founded by an alumni of Richmond, Tessy Antony De Luxembourg, as well as a former Richmond professor, Caroline Varin.  Dr Carola Hieker is an advisory board member of Professors Without Borders.

Richmond has been supporting Professors Without Borders through different initiatives including student internships and co-operation on research projects.

The conference/workshop being held in September is part of the social enterprise’s ‘Think Tank’ to share learning with other academics and policy makers.  Several papers are published each year based on experience gained in each country.