Richmond Film and Photography Director joins star-studded cast


Richard Bevan, Programme Director of Film and Photography at Richmond, brings reality to the screen as he plays the role of a film tutor in, ‘One of the most beautiful and extraordinary films of the year’, according to the London Evening Standard.

The Souvenir II had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in July last year to much critical acclaim and was then shown at the London Film Festival, becoming Sight and Sounds Film of the Year.  It was released in the US in October and will be featured in UK cinemas from 4 February. It stars Honor Swinton Byrne, Richard Ayoade and Tilda Swinton and was written and directed by Joanna Hogg.

Richard Bevan said, “It was a great experience to be able to play a role in this highly acclaimed film and it obviously came very naturally to me to play a film tutor! Being part of a team which included such a renowned director and cast was a huge honour and I will definitely share this experience with our Film and Photography students.

You can see a clip of Richard Bevan’s scene in the film’s trailer.

Peter Bradshaw of The Guardian described the film as an “amazingly luminous self-portrait of the film-maker as a young woman” and gave it five stars. The film received similar praise from Guy Lodge of Variety, who wrote it is “a dazzling, fragile follow-up to Joanna Hogg’s semi-autobiographical coming-of-age stunner from 2019“.