Ba in History

Recent Richmond History graduates

Everyone in the History programme would like to congratulate the following three students in their successes following graduation.

Priya Singh has started at LSE on an MA programme studying Empires, her main focus is going to be the Ottomans and hopefully she will pop into one of our classes in spring 2016 to deliver a guest lecture on the topic.

Tori Pivirotto is now at Royal Holloway studying on an MA in Gender and History, and again hopefully she can make it to Richmond in the spring to give a guest lecture based partly on her Senior Seminar project and partly on new research at Royal Holloway into representations of black men in US culture.

Katherine Hardman won’t be able to do a lecture for us this coming spring as she has returned to the US.  She was accepted at UCL to do an MA in American History and Politics but has deferred for a year and instead is starting an internship at the world famous Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC: working on their African American collections.  When Katherine returns to London she’ll be giving a talk in one of classes on her Senior Seminar Project about the neglected history of women in the US Civil Rights Movement, and also her experiences at the Smithsonian.

Other Alumni out there, please tell us about your news on jobs and further studies.