Racist occultism in the UK: two Richmond Professors investigate this ‘new dark magic’

Dr Dominic Alessio, Professor of History and Dr Robert J Wallis, Professor of Visual Culture at Richmond, have joined forces to co-author a piece for CARR (Centre for Analysis of the Radical Right) about racist occultism for Open Democracy, a website which encourages people to challenge power and encourage democratic debate across the world.

The article explores the relationship between the extreme right and occultism in the UK, with a focus on the O9A, the Order of Nine Angles. The UK anti-fascist collective Hope not Hate has recently called for a ban on the O9A after labelling them “an incubator of terrorism”.

Professors Alessio and Wallis state, “As racist occultism grows, it is vital to report on and monitor this thinking, and to put a stop to this new dark magic.”

They continue, “There is a need to start engaging further with UK-based occult “groupuscules” who are intent on pursuing an ultranationalist overthrow of the liberal-democratic order.”

“Many within the radical right agree that given the failed history of the ultra-nationalist political route, a religious-cultural change is needed instead.”