Professor George Xinsheng Zhang

Prof George X Zhang lectured on Chinese language teaching in China

Professor George Zhang visited Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) in July, Richmond’s partner university in China. Professor Zhang gave a number of guest lectures and presentations as a visiting professor to post-graduates, and to Chinese language teachers both from China around the world on professional development programmes organised by BLCU and funded by Hanban. BLCU is also a national centre responsible for education and training of Chinese language teachers funded by Hanban/Confucius Institute Headquarters. The BLCU is setting up a number of regional centres around the world, and Richmond University is being considered to become a centre in the UK.

Professor Zhang also delivered talks, as an invited speaker, on the learning and teaching of Chinese and the development of learning materials at the 3rd Mandarin Teachers’ Conference in Shanghai in early August, organised by Dulwich College International (DCI), which runs the largest dual language programme involving Chinese amongst international schools around the world.