US Postgraduate Scholarship & Government Loans

US Postgraduate Scholarship

Applicants who have a Bachelor Degree with GPA of at least 3.3/4.0 or a Bachelor (Hons) Degree with a 2:1 or above will be eligible for our Postgraduate Scholarship which is a 10% reduction in tuition fees*.

If you have studied outside of the UK or USA then the equivalency will be assessed by the Admissions Office.

Once awarded, continuation of the Scholarship into the second and subsequent semesters of study will be dependent on the Scholar:

  1. progressing normally on the programme, having achieved a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.7 by the completion of the previous semester; and
  2. remaining in good standing and making a positive contribution to University life.

The fee waiver is cancelled in total if the student does not remain actively enrolled for three successive semesters (full time programmes) or six successive semesters (part time programmes).

The Postgraduate Scholarship may not be held in conjunction with any other form of financial or scholarship support from the University.

*10% reduction in tuition fees does not apply to RIASA programmes or any programmes with external partnerships i.e. Conde Nast.

United States Government Loans

Stafford Loans: U.S. citizens and U.S. green card holders may qualify for Stafford loans. To apply you must complete the Free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You may complete this form online. In the U.S. you can also call 1-8004FED AID to request a form. The U.S. Department of Education number for Richmond, The American International University in London is G10594.

Other Loans: There may be some private loans available to American students studying abroad. Private loans are subject to a credit check. Some Richmond students fund their studies through the Sally Mae organisation. We do not have a preferred lenders list and we are not currently aware of other U.S. private loan providers. You should consider terms and conditions carefully in comparison with Federal Direct Loans.

Which Office of Admissions do I contact?:

If you are currently living/studying in countries outside of the United States:

UK Office of Admissions
The American International University in London
Queens Road
Richmond upon Thames
TW10 6JP, United Kingdom

Email :
Tel : +44 (0)20 8332 9000

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If you are currently living/studying within the USA:

Office of Admissions for USA
The American International University in London
343 Congress Street
Suite 3100
Boston, MA 02210-1214 USA

Email :
Tel : +1 (617) 450-5617
Fax : +1 (617) 450 5601

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