Photographer and astronaut-to-be Rhiannon Adam goes live

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Great to see Richmond Adjunct Professor, Rhiannon Adam, live on BBC TV London being interviewed about being chosen to fly to the moon, one of a small group of artist astronauts on the world’s first lunar mission.

Rhiannon, who is a London-based photographer teaching Film & Photography students at the University, will be joining a Japanese billionaire on a five-day, 500,000-mile journey, orbiting the moon but not landing.

Rhiannon explains in the interview how she made an application to go on the journey during the Covid pandemic and says, “Initially it was an open call and you had to fill in an application form and write a bit of background about yourself and it started to progress from there.”

When asked if she has any fears about the trip, Rhiannon says, “The only thing I’m scared about is losing my sense of anonymity and the other thing that I’m slightly worried about is not being able to look at the world in the same way having seen it from space.”

“But really so far, I’m absolutely thrilled.