Paul Rekret publishes chapter in new book, ‘Contending Legitimacy in World Politics’

Paul Rekret has had an essay on the concept of sovereignty included in a recently published book. Contending Legitimacy in World Politics: The State, Civil Society and the International Sphere in the Twenty-first Century, edited by Bronwyn Winter and Lucia Sorbera, problematizes the notion of legitimacy from various contextual standpoints, disciplinary and theoretical perspectives. Further information about the book is found here.

Paul Rekret is Associate Professor in Politics at Richmond American International University. He is the author of Down with Childhood (Repeater 2017) Philosophy, Politics, Polemics: Derrida and Foucault (Rowan & Littlefield 2017) and he has published widely on contemporary cultural and political theory. He is producer and host of ‘Beholder Halfway’, a series of radio essays airing regularly on Resonance.Extra.