Paul Rekret publishes article on the aesthetics of ecological crisis

Writing with Anja Kanngieser (University of Wollongong) & Rory Gibb (University College) Paul Rekret recently published an essay on the aesthetics of ecological crisis for Turmoil, the magazine of the CTM festival in Berlin. Looking to sound art in particular, the essay examines artistic responses to ecological crisis and considers political tactics that artists might use in calling attention to environmental disaster.

CTM is a prominent international festival dedicated to contemporary electronic, digital and experimental music, as well as the diverse range of artistic activities in the context of sound and club cultures.

Paul Rekret is Associate Professor in Politics at Richmond American International University. He is the author of Down with Childhood (Repeater 2017) Philosophy, Politics, Polemics: Derrida and Foucault (Rowan & Littlefield 2017) and he has published widely on contemporary cultural and political theory. He is producer and host of ‘Beholder Halfway’, a series of radio essays airing regularly on Resonance.Extra.