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Beijing Culture and Language University, China

Beijing Culture and Language University, China

Beijing Culture and Language University, China

Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) was established in 1962. Known as Little United Nations, is the only university of its kind in China that promotes Chinese all over the world and offers Chinese language and culture courses to foreign students. Since its foundation in 1962, BLCU has been an important academic base for language and culture research and the cradle for international talents in China. Since its founding, the university has trained some 120,000 foreign students who are proficient in the Chinese language and familiar with the Chinese culture from 176 countries and regions.

Why study at BCLU?

  • In the area of the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language and the promotion of Chinese culture, Beijing Language and Culture University has the longest history, the largest size and the best qualified academic faculty.
  • The College has four departments: the Department of the Chinese Language, the Department of Business and Trade Chinese, the Department of Chinese Culture, and the Department of Bilingual Education and Translation. It offers 8 majors: Chinese Language, Chinese Instruction(as a second language), Mass Media Chinese, Business and Trade Chinese, Chinese Culture, the Bilingual Program (Chinese & English), Japanese-Chinese Translation and Korean-Chinese Translation.
  • With the spirit of development and innovation, the College is determined to establish itself as one of the top international institutes for overseas students pursuing B.A. degrees, to become the first choice for those who want to study Chinese language and culture, and continue to be the prime research centre for the teaching of Chinese to overseas students.
  • BLCU, covering an area of 38 hectares, is located in the Zhongguancun Scientific and Technological Park and along Xueyuan Road. The garden-like campus provides a comfortable living and studying environment for students from abroad. Places for students’ studying and recreation are usually imbued with Chinese cultural features that make the campus more attractive to international students.

Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Jinan University, Guangzhou, China

Jinan University (JNU) is a public research and comprehensive university based in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and north-northeast of Macau. It is one of the oldest universities established on mainland China tracing back to the Qing Empire. Its mission is to spread Chinese learning and culture from North to South, and from China overseas. Jinan University was the first university in China to recruit foreign students, and is currently the Chinese university with the largest number of international students.

Why study at Jinan?

  • Training Programs in Traditional Chinese Cultures, Current Chinese Economy, Chinese Medical Research, Traditional Acupuncture are available to overseas and foreign students.
  • All undergraduate programs are delivered in English and include: International Economics and Trade, Clinical Medicine, Accounting, Food Quality and Safety, Pharmacy, Public Administration and Finance. Original English textbooks and teaching materials are also used in teaching.
  • Jinan offers summer courses designed for international students who are keen on Chinese culture and development. Participants also have the opportunity to interact with Chinese students on and off campus and to participate in history and culture excursions.
Pukyong National University, South Korea

Pukyong National University, South Korea

Pukyong National University, South Korea

Pukyong National University is located in Busan, a port city known for its beach and culture and home to a population of 4 million. South Korea’s second largest city, it is well known for hiking opportunities, hot springs and tourism. PKNU is particularly noted for its environmental studies and marine studies programmes and is also well regarding for its internationalisation. Focused on innovative research and offering classes in several languages, including English, Korean and Chinese, PKNU is an excellent option for those looking to explore South Korea and Asia. Students can live on campus, take part in Korean cultural activities and enjoy a highly diverse and international student body. PKNU’s two campuses are located in Haeundae and Gwangalli.

Why study at PKNU?

  • Experience Busan, one of South Korea’s most popular and cultural cities – enjoy the natural surrounding of beaches, cliffs and hot springs whilst living in a major city with good transport links to Seoul, the rest of South Korea and beyond!
  • Engage with Korean culture – food, music, shopping and more. Enjoy events like the Busan International Film Festival the Polar Bear swim Festival, Busan International Show and the Busan International Dance Festival.
  • Enjoy the opportunity to study at a large university with courses offered across many departments and faculties, and the chance to study in English, Korean or Chinese.
  • Improve your Korean language and immerse yourself in the Korean culture. Build international networks and contacts from across the world.

Undergraduate Prospectus

Postgraduate Prospectus

I greatly enjoyed my trip to South Korea as an International Summer school participant. The opportunity opened my eyes and taught me more about the world and myself. The Vibrant culture and society in beautiful Busan were very exciting as it introduced new foods and customs that encouraged new adventures.  The internationality of the program was also very exciting and provided new opportunities to engage and create long lasting international relationships. This trip will forever impact me with the memories, relationships, and experiences gained along the way.

Landry FranklinSouth Korea, Spring 2017