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Overseas Study Partners

At Richmond, we believe in providing access to education on a global scale. We strive to provide Richmond students and faculty, together with those of our partners, an opportunity for an international educational experience through exchange and collaboration programmes. Our partners come from Europe, North and South America, the South Pacific, Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East. You will find the full list of our partners by clicking on Partners by Region.

I really enjoyed being here. Felt like I learned a lot. The academic program was different from what I’m used to, but challenging in a good way. AIFS was an excellent program, I liked that the university was in the center of London.

Julia HopkinsAIFS, Fall 2016

The program is lovely and everyone running it and interacting with students are amazing. I enjoyed all my classes and professors. The staff were all very sweet and helpful.

Morgan BrennanAIFS, Fall 2016

Great abroad experience. Teaching staff was great. I would absolutely recommend this program to everyone.

Emily HallAIFS, Fall 2016

Advisors were amazing! They were able to help with any questions I had. Loved the area we were in. Classes were fun.

Lauren GallagherAIFS, Fall 2016

I Greatly enjoyed my trip to South Korea as an International Summer school participant. The opportunity opened my eyes and taught me more about the world and myself. The Vibrant culture and society in beautiful Busan were very exciting as it introduced new foods and customs that encouraged new adventures.  The internationality of the program was also very exciting and provided new opportunities to engage and create long lasting international relationships. This trip will forever impact me with the memories, relationships, and experiences gained along the way.

Landry FranklinSouth Korea, Spring 2017

I had the most amazing experience with this program and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I will forever be thankful to have found this program. My professors were so helpful, they truly cared about wanting to help us and have the best experience possible. All the events that I participated in were very well organised and so much fun.

Katherine BartonAIFS, Fall 2016

Please note that Exchange and Study Abroad students must be nominated by the International Programmes department of Richmond University before contacting or submitting an application to another partner university.  Applications will be assessed on the basis of academic merit and disciplinary records. Students interested in studying abroad at a non-partnership university need to contact the academic registry directly.

For more information contact the Department of International Programmes
Camille Toublanc Brewster
Global Mobility Coordinator – Kensington Campus
Tel: +44 (0)20 7368 8421

Professor Dominic Alessio
Dean of International Programmes
Tel: +44 (0)20 7368 8413

Deadlines for internal applications:

Spring 2018 -15th September 2017

Fall 2018 – 2nd February 2018

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