Working and Studying

On campus: The University has on-campus work through the Richmond Student Employment Program in departments such as the Admissions and Student Affairs. About 100 students take part in university employment to help them pay for their studies. These jobs provide students with an excellent introduction to the world of work and allow them to develop useful skills.

Off-campus: All full-time students in the UK can work for up to 20 hours per week during term-time and full-time (35 hours) during vacations.
Students can usually earn between £80 to £100 per week in term-time. Most jobs are hourly paid at around 6.08 per hour. Annual earnings of around £5000 are typical. Students with particular skill, for example in computing, or those having good secretarial skills, may be able to earn substantially more.

International Organisations

You could investigate all sources of funding within your own country including government scholarships and loans and the help that might be available from private foundations and organisations. You will need to be determined and creative. It is rare for lists giving details of such aid to be easily available. Look for organisations that concentrate on the area in which you wish to study. If, for example, you wish to study psychology, look for professional associations of psychologists or related organisations.

Organisations such as The United Nations and The World Bank offer some scholarships as well.

The US Agency for International Development does not provide scholarships for individual students but its site at provides a useful list of other organisations. Applying for Scholarships and Financial Aid.