NGO themed event held at Richmond Business School


The faculty at Richmond Business School were delighted to welcome recently three high profile NGO leaders who spoke at an inspiring workshop for Richmond students, entitled, ‘Leading an NGO’.

The guest speakers included Dejan Markovic, a senior executive in The Challenge, the UK’s leading charity for building a more integrated society, which designs and delivers programmes that bring different people together, working in partnership with government, businesses and local charities. Their initiatives include NCS (National Citizen Service) – a government-backed programme  for young people aged 15 – 17 aimed at developing their personal and social development.

Anne Lotter, Adjunct Professor at Richmond, was an additional speaker at the event. Anne is the director of Project Le Monde, a charity which helps improve access to education for children in Uganda, so they can go on to live successful and fulfilling lives. The charity fundraises in the UK to generate resources for new school buildings, facilities and equipment, and to help fund school places for underprivileged children who would otherwise miss out entirely on any sort of an education.

Finally, Caroline Varin, Director of Professor Without Borders, spoke about this charity which is supported by Richmond, which aims to stop the ‘brain drain’ in developing countries by bringing high qualified professors to teach students who usually can’t afford university education.

Professors Without Borders grew out of a conversation between three colleagues – all university lecturers – in a London cafe, and is now in its fourth year of running summer schools. Co-founder Tessy de Nassau, an alumni of Richmond, said, “We really want to enable really skilled, quality education for everyone. And that’s how it started.”

The organisation is currently planning an Asia Summer School programme, which will run from 17-28 August 2020, with professors teaching in Vientiane, Laos for one week, followed by a second week in Bangkok, Thailand. The weekend of 22 August, they will join a conference in Vietnam and contribute to proposed panels on Impact Communications and Negotiations and Problem-Solving, within the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr Carola Hieker, Associate Professor at Richmond Business School, said, “It was a fantastic event which really engaged everyone who attended. With more than 50 students in the room, their questions focused on funding, what it means to have a career in an NGO as well as how to network with funders and other charities. I’d like to say a big thank you to our guests who inspired as well as informed our students, they were very enlightening.”