New York, New York

Hi! Much has happened since I wrote my first blog post – I got a job as a student researcher at the university’s public opinion laboratory, met a few new people, taken what felt like a thousand exams, and visited the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine. However, my biggest joy was finally being able to visit New York City❤️.

My friends from back home in Romania spent their summer working and travelling around the US, and their last stop was New York, where they invited me to join them. I would say I left for NYC with no expectations, because a city so big, so touristy and so well-known can be so easily disappointing. But that wasn’t the case.

After spending five days trying to see every spot we wanted to visit (we couldn’t manage to), I came to the conclusion that New York is simply eye opening. There’s nothing I’ve seen before that can be even compared to what this city has to offer. Although I believe it’s too crowded for my liking, the never ending skyscrapers of all shapes, sizes and architectural designs, the bright lights, breath-taking views and endless opportunities to experience something new and out of the ordinary every day make up for that 🗽.

Needless to say, this trip was a great self-reflective journey that I didn’t know I needed. Now I am back to classes and so excited for Thanksgiving break – and celebrating it the American way. However, I do miss home, Richmond and seeing a lot of familiar faces🥰.

Until next time,