New podcast by Richmond professor explores the impact of the pandemic

What’s the emotional toll of Covid-19?

Dr Kandida Purnell, Associate Professor of International Relations at Richmond American University London, has just had a podcast released. Listen Here

The podcast, which was recorded by Dr Purnell with Lucy Easthope for the Bristol University Press ‘Transforming Society’ Podcast, explores the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Purnell and Lucy Easthope discuss why it was important to have different perspectives and content beyond academic essays, the effect increasingly strict immigration laws had on asylum seekers during the pandemic, and whether we’ve seen the full extent of the emotional toll of the pandemic.

The podcast follows the publication of the book in March, entitled, ‘When This Is Over: Reflections on an Unequal Pandemic’, which confronts and addresses the inequalities of the Covid pandemic in the UK through narrative, analysis, poems, images, and more.  Dr Purnell was one of the four Editors on the book, with Amy Cortvriend, Lucy Easthope, and Jenny Edkins.