Myth-Weavers The Fifth Fantasy Symposium


Fantasy Symposium 201520th November 2015



9.45-10am  Welcome (Coffee)



10.00-10.45         Mattias Fyhr (Stockholm): “A definition of the Gothic: So you don’t have to feel anxious about it any more”

10.45-11.15         Philippa Semper (University of Birmingham): “The past is a fantastical country”

11.15-11.45         Jon Mackley (University of Northampton): “The Legend of Spring-Heeled Jack”

11.45-12.15         Dom Alessio (Richmond): “Re-Imagining Empire and Proto-Fascism through Science Fiction”


General Roundup


12.30-1.30pm Lunch


1.30-2.30pm Student Presentations  (1)

Damien Ashton-Wellman (10+5) “Building Better Worlds?: Re-Thinking Empire and the Role of  Corporations through the SF films of James Cameron” (Richmond)

Zoe Pape (10+5) “Identity: A Tale of Two Alices” (Northampton)

Darcy Sandvik (10+5): “Title TBC” (Richmond)


2.30-2.45 Coffee


Chris Harris (10+5) “How Tolkien Offers a Marxist Critique using Medieval Texts in The Hobbit” (Northampton)

Bobby Marinov (10+5) “A Postcolonial analysis of Battlestar Galactica” (Richmond)

Courtney Claunch (10+5) ‘The Uncanny in Du Maurier’s “The Doll”’ (Northampton)


3.45-4pm Closing remarks