My trip to Italy this summer


As the heat of this summer began in Greece on June, I decided to start my holidays early, because I knew I had to submit my professional research project at the end of August. With that in mind, and the fact that Covid-19 has been very difficult for everyone and limits our everyday lives, including travelling, I took the risk to travel to Italy in June and more specifically the Amalfi coast.

I have been to Italy before, but never to Positano or Amalfi. We stayed in Amalfi, on top of the mountain and we had a great view of the city. I really loved how beautiful this place was.

The roads of Amalfi, in which there were many tourist and other stores, reminded me of the small streets on Corfu, which I love deeply. The beaches of Amalfi and Positano were very different from the ones I’ve been to in Greece, but I enjoyed swimming there. The whole time I was there I was taking pictures because I wanted to capture the uniqueness of this place and share it with my friends on social media.

Positano is a place like no other. It might be a bit expensive, but I can guarantee you that you will have an amazing experience there, and memories that you will never forget. It’s a romantic city and it might be better to visit it with your significant other but going there with good friends also works! While we were there, we enjoyed our meals at the beachside taverns.

Of course, if you get the chance to visit this part of Italy, don’t forget to visit Capri. It’s a small island, and you can get there by boat from Amalfi or Positano. In order to get to the centre of Capri you take a cable car up to the top of the hill. There you can visit shops, take photos, walk, have a drink or dinner.

In total, my summer experience in Italy was amazing and I wish I had more time to see all the places there.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, guys!

Eirini Pantelidou