My final term at Richmond

Hi everyone,

Less than two weeks of term left! The weather is warming up and it’s right in time for the start of Summer. Now that restrictions have been eased, I’m appreciating going out more than ever. This photo is from Busaba, they have amazing Thai food. I’m trying not to go out too much until finals are over, but I was really pleased to get an A grade in my recent European Business Environment essay. Luckily, I only have one final exam but this does mean that I have a lot of essays due soon. Going to class is really beneficial right now as it gives the chance to ask any questions about upcoming assessments.

This is my final term at Richmond which means I’m graduating this semester. It’s sad that we haven’t been able to have a normal university experience but hopefully everything will be better next term for current students. As the ceremony is virtual, my family are planning a graduation garden party once bigger groups are allowed to meet.

Congratulations to everyone who won an award at Honours Night, I was happy to make the Dean’s List in Fall. Don’t forget to enter the Richmond giveaway, there’s amazing prizes to be won!

Until next time,