Missed our Film and Photography Showcase?


If you missed out on the first Graduate Showcase of BA Film and Photography which was held recently in our facility in Kensington, don’t worry.  Here is a flavour.

Featuring works by five students – Rhiannon Dexter-Deliz, Daniel Fischer, Celeste Galindo, Whitney Onyeadiri and Raghad Tmumen – the two-day event was an opportunity to celebrate some truly impressive short films and photographic works, all made during the challenging conditions of the last year.

All of the final year students were given the opportunity to create their own theme and treatment, and the result is a broad range of projects from a pilot for a YouTube comedy series to a series of photographic images which show a personal journey reflecting on the cultural manipulation of religion.

Richard Bevan, Associate Professor of Art, Design and Media, said, “The brief was to develop a creative project over the final two semesters of their degrees. They spent the Fall semester planning and testing for their projects and executed them during the Spring. They were free to choose the medium and themes of their work.”

“It’s the only production class we have that runs over two semesters and you see the added depth that they brought to their works, all the more remarkable as this was all done during lockdown. Ideally students are at a stage in their degrees where they really benefit from the Liberal Arts model, bringing together everything they have learnt over four years in both theory and practical classes.”